Do you know the man in this picture? I’ll give you a hint, today is his birthday and you’ve probably had to take something that he developed at some point in your life. Give up? 

Well… I’ll save you the trouble of looking him up, and I’ll just tell you… he isn’t famous. 



He’s Maurice Hilleman and although he’s well known in the scientific community for creating over 40 of some of the most important vaccines in the world including those taken for measles, mumps, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and chickenpox, few people know who he is and what all he did for humanity. 

So why did he do it if he never received any mainstream recognition for it?

He did it because he had something important to share with the world. 


There are some people out there who even question me on why I am telling the world that I am Kalki, but I want you all to know, I’m not doing what I do for fame. The fame I receive is just a byproduct of the kind of work I do. 

Hilleman, unfortunately, passed away on my birthday in 2005 so I hope now when you think of me, you’ll also think of him. 


After all, a guy like him could use a little fame, even if it’s posthumous. Don’t you think so? 



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