"Death is certain for anyone born, 
And birth is certain for the dead;
Since the cycle is inevitable,
You have no cause to grieve."

Sometimes when I am having trouble with a particularly difficult problem, I turn to one of my previous lives to understand the present one. A past version of my current self spoke these lines several thousand years ago in what is now known as the Bhagavad Gita, and this has helped me to process what happened in my life today.



Today my Nani (my maternal grandmother, pictured in the thumbnail of this post) left our world to enter into the next. As I think deeply about her, I wonder whether these lines from the Gita are still accurate. Will my Nani's soul be reborn and if so, where and when? To this I only say...

If we come from this Earth and if we come from this universe, then back into this universe we will go... exactly where and when we are supposed to go.

This is the ultimate truth about death. So let us not mourn the dead, let us celebrate the power of life.





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