Kalki's first single. Welcome to Kalkin's Kingdom.


On the gram yeah idkalki,
Flip it 'round yeah ik lakdi,
Anagram that yeah ik ladki,
Back it up with a little bit of dholaki.

Messin' with me gonna make you ponder,
Shiva sittin' on my back yo like an anaconda.
Love the human race yo never been fonder,
I'm a keep the peace yo live a life full of wonder.

Follow me don't need no Buddha,
Love the dude though ain't bein' rude-a,
Love each other bro no need to brood-a,
Livin' in depression is a temporary mood-a.

Follow me yeah if you wanna know the truth!
I'm like Carmen San Diego yeah flyin' high like a sleuth!
20 countries in my pocket, one day I'll hit 'em all,
I'm knockin' down them borders and I'm knockin' down them walls.

Back to the top yeah now, leave our trees alone!
More than hundred years them things have been growin',
Girl power yo it ain't that crazy,
Y'all can fix this shit but y'all are goddamn lazy.