Okay for this particular blog post let's start off with a little imagination exercise if you don't mind. It's a little weird but I promise, it will pay off in the end so just indulge me for a minute!

Pretend for a second you only had 2,650 Kalki Rupees in your bank account.

One fine day, you see a beautiful blue singing bird sold by a young shopkeeper on the side of the road. The bird sings pretty well but you want to teach it new songs... songs that would open up entirely new vocal registers for the bird.

The shopkeeper tells you the bird is only for display and not for sale.

If you only had 2,650 Kalki Rupees in your account, would you offer the shopkeeper 440 of your hard-earned cash to this man for this beautiful blue bird? Seems kind of crazy right? That's a LOT to spend on a bird!


Well folks... that's essentially what the richest man ever to exist in the history of humanity just did.

He bought a big blue bird... a very popular big blue bird and in his world, it was almost the same with just a few more zeroes at the end. Sure he acquired some of that money from some friends and banks but the point is... he made the offer, and the shopkeepers accepted.




Money for all intents and purposes... is imaginary! But only when you put it into a certain kind of context, does it begin to have value. Without the value we as humans attribute to money, it's meaningless!

It's not about what this man did or what he intends to do in the future with the bird.

It's about the value he puts on his own money.

If you know anything about him, he lives a relatively frugal lifestyle, so with such a monumental decision, he intrinsically knows that money is not the end... it is simply a means to an end. A much much better end.


For the seemingly impossible sum that he is going to pay up, we all have to hope that he really values the power of that bird... and that he will treat it with as much love and care as you or I would.


After all, his biggest secret is that he purchased the big blue bird... so that we could all teach it to sing new songs.


I'm ready for it, are you?

Oh and... one more thing... if you really had 440 Kalki Rupees, what would you spend it on?




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