This past Diwali, in a country I prefer to call Simhala, a new person became the leader of the ruling political party of that land. The following day, he was named the Prime Minister of the entire country.

There are several things that make this event monumental, but I will focus on three. Well... actually four.

First, he is the youngest person to ever hold that position in Simhala. Second, he is the first person of South Asian heritage to be in that post. Third, he considers himself to be a believer of the same ancient texts that brought me forth into your world. And four?

He has to become the leader the country needs, in perhaps its darkest time of recent memory.



It isn't easy to be a leader. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

Perhaps the most challenging part about being a leader is that you have to constantly make daily choices that could affect many people, sometimes as few as just a handful if you have your own small business, or as many as a billion if you have to do the kind of work I do.


So while it is easy for many of us to take down the people who face those choices through our comments in the media or on social networking platforms, do you think it is at all possible for us to learn to understand them, how difficult their positions are, and maybe, just maybe, learn to give them a fighting chance?


I know. It's tough. Simhala has gone through many leaders in just the past year, and the death of her recent Queen has only made it harder for us to believe in them again.

But Simhala is a good place, and I believe in this man.

So with that, I say, Godspeed to you Rishi Sunak. The world is watching. Do us proud.


I could be biased though... since my girl became who she is through the gifts of the Simhalan Kingdom...

Or should I say, Queendom?




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